Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery:


The specialty of Oral and Maxillo Facial Surgery is a relatively new specialty as far as the Indian public is concerned though it has been a well-established surgical discipline in most developed countries. 

It is a specialty, which deals with the surgical management of diseases that affect the mouth and face including the jawbones. The diseases range from infections in the jaws and face, to cancer in the Oral Cavity, which is very much prevalent in India. It also includes a wide range of other diseases that affect the mouth.
The Maxillo Facial surgeon specializes in treating accident victims who suffer fractures of the facial bones. Apart from contrary belief, this area of injury does not fall under a general orthopedic surgeon, and hence this area forms an important aspect of the specialty. 

The specialty also performs cosmetic facial surgery involving surgical correction of deformed jawbones, nose and cheekbones for e.g.Orthognathic surgery. It also deals with surgical correction of patients born with congenital anomalies involving facial deformities (e.g.) Cleft lip and Palate Repair.

The Temporomandibular joint, which is a unique joint in the body, also comes under the preview of this specialty. 


The day-to-day area of work of an oral surgeon includes 

1. Removal of impacted wisdom teeth. 
2. Removal of teeth with twisted roots, which are deeply hooked within the bone. 
3. Treatment of swellings due to infection e.g. drainage of pus from the various space infection 
4. Removal of benign growths in the mouth

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